I.T. project to big or to complicated? Challenge Accepted!
We as individuals are always looking for a way to challenge the conventions, break the "mould" of general I.T conceptions and provide scalable, easily managed web based solutions for any size organisation.

With the ever changing technology market, Super Hero Solutions strive to be the leading edge in software solutions. Here is a quick Summary of the Services that we offer.

  • Web Based Solutions
  • Application Architecture Design
  • Consulting
  • Database Administration

We are never too busy to contribute to the World Wide Web! With our open source community projects we aim to provide some of the most robust solutions for free, that's right FREE

NinjaMurder Task Ninja Open Source Project Task Management System For Developers

The project concept is simple, a project/task management system for developers to track and log their requests.

The Break Down

Design Methodology

The design methodology we used for this specific project is Multitier Architecture or Layered Architecture as we like to call it.
The Idea behind it is to separate the application logic and data access layer from the actual presentation layer, this provides not only greater security to your application but also other added Benifits

The Latest And Greatest

We pride ourselves in using some of the web's latest technologies and working with them to improve the clients overall experience.
Here are just some of the technologies that we have utilised in this community project.

Why did we do it?

We are always looking to extend our skillset, and improving our presence on the internet.
The best way to achieve this is to continuously provide open source projects to the development community which can be used to any extent.
We keep it free and we keep it simple


;( We are still waiting for some feedback from our loyal customers